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The national capital is one the most rapidly urbanizing residential and commercial hubs in the country. This swift pace of acceleration has caught the attention of many developers and business, which are not only limited to the Indian stock but have also invoked the interest of international contenders. While the commercial properties have managed to stay afloat, their prices have been equally buoyant throughout India. It is here that Delhi has given respite to the investors with their affordable property rates. Dwarka L Zone is undergoing major infrastructural growth and development. Keeping all these factors in mind, Delhi is becoming a hotspot for commercial investment.The commercial projects in L zone boast of international standard and global quality of construction. Revanta commercial plaza featured with world class amenities and provides the investors with a value for money product.


Size 200 300 400 600
Lower Ground Floor 4,50,000 6,75,000 9,00000 13,50,000
Upper Ground Floor 4,00000 6,00000 8,00000 12,00000
1st 35,0000 5,25,000 7,00000 10,50,000
2nd 32,500 4,87,500 6,50,000 9,75,000

Revanta Plaza:First Commercial Project in Dwarka, L Zone by APS Revanta Developers

Floor Basic Price Discount 15th Aug Net Price 200 300 400 600
Lower Ground Floor 10,000 1000 9000 18,00000 27,00000 36,00000 54,00000
Upper Ground Floor 9,000 1000 8000 16,00000 24,00000 32,00000 48,00000
1st 8,000 1000 7000 14,00000 21,00000 28,00000 42,00000
2nd 7,500 1000 65,00 13,00000 19,50,000 26,00000 39,00000

For instance, Revanta Group has launched exceptional commercial project by the name of Revanta complex plaza. Revanta Plaza is packed with quality and high standards, in addition to the beautifully designed retail spaces contemporary amenities. With this being the scenario, investors as well as developers are being invited to invest in NCR. Professionals have also prophesied a positive change in Delhi real estate after considering the optimism of commercial buyers.